“THE R.A.T.T.”

SCR Squared Plane


Self Contained
Cost Effective


SCR2 have designed a tool for ARFF Training Departments that offers total flexibility whether it is scenario or location utilizing a portable trainer totally representative of a commercial aircraft. Whether it be a spill, a collision, a fire or even an evacuation, the RATT offers departments the ability to develop, escalate or reduce the scenario as required.

Agent application is a primary consideration in the protection of the fuselage; the RATT offers the opportunity for operators to hone their application techniques on a daily basis and in varied locations or as the training schedule determines.

The RATT allows Departments to develop tactics and methodologies with an actual sized aircraft representation anywhere on the airfield, giving crews realistic experience in issues that will be encountered in differing locations.

Tactical Training, Triennial Exercises whether they be within the Airports environment or in the extended response zone can be well serviced by the RATT, providing opportunities to work with Mutual Aid partners outside the airport for the benefit of the local community.

The RATT provides a cost effective, comprehensive range of tactical and procedural opportunities for Fire Departments.

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SCR Squared Plane Spec Sheet

SCR Squared Plane Spec SheetSCR Squared Plane Spec SheetSCR Squared Plane Spec Sheet