About SCR2


To provide a collaborative partnership with industry combining leading-edge technology, products and strategy to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep our customers at the forefront of the industry.

Fight Fire


SCR2 have a commitment to excellence through over 110 years of combined experience amongst the four principles. Vast experience in structural fire, aircraft firefighting, vehicle and equipment design and manufacture has given us the opportunity to offer both our innovative options and our consultancy services to a group of people for whom performance and the need to be on the cutting edge is a mandatory requirement.

Our philosophy is based on maintaining a balance between technology and recognized procedures combined with keen sensitivity to the human element of your organization. Our team prides itself in creative, practical, and cost effective solutions that help our clients attain practical applications that fulfill their requirements.

Our methodology is very straightforward, it is focused on our client’s need and how best we can provide options for them to consider in addressing that need. In order to do this we strive to identify, formulate and develop strategies, methods, processes and recommendations that deliver a broad range of comprehensive and client-focused services.

Our client’s requirements and our relationship with our client are intrinsic to the values the company embraces. Developing a relationship that incorporates us as part of the team is essential in providing their needs. Although a project is often task focused we believe that it is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of our client’s expectations and goals so that we have a seamless fully focused insight into providing solutions to address their need. With that understanding established a solid base is established to provide a series of options or a course of action that is commensurate with the goals and outcomes our client desires.

Combining leading-edge products and strategy to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep our customers one-step ahead.


At SCR2 we are driven by our passion for being part of and contributing to emergency response and the people who risk their lives on behalf of others. Our combined 130 years of service to and in the service of fire departments galvanizes us into providing options concepts and solutions to our brothers. Our commitment is to the protection of others and those who safeguard them.